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Admitting To A Treatment Facility

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For most people, admitting themselves or a loved one to substance abuse treatment is a new experience. At American Addiction Centers, we understand how that may be confusing or even intimidating. We are here to let you know that you are not alone. Admitting yourself or a loved one to treatment is easier than you think. 

3 Easy Steps to Beginning Treatment

3 steps to beginning addiction treatment.

1. Find your Treatment Center

The first step in admitting to a treatment facility is finding one that suits your specific needs. There are three core items you should consider when choosing a facility: Therapy, programming, and financing.

Therapy Types & Specialized Programming

The first two items to consider go hand in hand. Understanding the type of therapy a facility specializes in and if they offer specific programming for certain demographic populations is great knowledge to have in making your decision as there are many different treatment options available to you if you are suffering from alcohol or drug abuse.

Typically, the recovery process for most treatment providers includes detoxification, inpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment. Detox focuses on medical stabilization and managing withdrawal symptoms. Inpatient or residential treatment provides around-the-clock emotional, mental, and medical support. Lastly, outpatient treatment transitions people to a lower frequency of therapy appointments and ultimately ease back to regular life.

While most facilities offer these levels of care, certain treatment programs specialize in particular treatment services, therapy types, and specialized programming for certain patient demographics.

For instance, American Addiction Centers treatment process is rooted in dual-diagnosis treatment. This type of treatment focuses on not only physical addiction but the stressors or mental health issues that stimulate addictive behavior to guarantee the most effective treatment.1

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American Addiction Centers also offers specialized programming for Veterans & First Responders our Desert Hope location in Las Vegas, Nevada.2

The Veterans & First Responders support group at Desert Hope is just one example of how facilities implement group therapy into relatable and inclusive environments to help patients feel comfortable throughout treatment.

American Addiction Centers Treatment Facilities

laguna treatment facility

At American Addiction Centers, we have facilities across the United States. While we all specialize in dual-diagnosis treatment as mentioned above, different complimenting therapies are offered at each location.

Here you will find more information about our facilities by using our treatment locator. Our treatment center pages make it quick and easy to understand the differences between each location.

Is your Insurance accepted?

So you have found a facility you believe is right for you. You may wonder what’s next? The last thing you will want to consider is how you will pay for treatment.

Attending treatment, for most people, will involve paying with insurance. Most private treatment centers only accept private insurance while some may accept public insurance such as Medicaid or Medicare.

For more information on how to pay for rehab through insurance, consider the guides below:

2. The Admissions Process

steps to admitting to treatment

Now that you have found a facility and have some insight into how you might pay for treatment, the next step is talking to an admissions team member. At American Addiction Centers, we call our team members Admissions Navigators.

Meeting Your Admissions Navigator

Admissions Navigators are your greatest ally when it comes to seeking alcohol or drug treatment. They will take the time to understand your unique situation and work closely with you, your friends and family, or anyone close to you in order to help you start your path to a better and sober life.  

At American Addiction Centers, many Admissions Navigators have either gone through addiction recovery treatment themselves or dealt with loved ones that may have struggled with substance abuse. They are truly compassionate and understanding individuals with a mission to help others.

Initial Assessment

The more obvious purpose of the initial assessment is to help the Navigator develop an understanding of your potential clinical needs. Based on your drug or alcohol abuse, frequency, and quantity of abuse, your needs may differ from others, and so on.

Addiction Center Admissions Team

The less obvious–but arguably just as important–component of this initial assessment is the relationship you will build with the Navigator that will ultimately help you attend treatment and reach your goal of sobriety.

It’s common for roadblocks to come up along the way to treatment. Maybe you have second thoughts? Maybe your family is not on board with treatment? Whatever the case, your Admissions Navigator will do their best to help you navigate these barriers to treatment. They are there to support you.

Intake Screening & Verifying Payment

Your initial assessment with a Navigator will be followed by a short intake screening.

You will be asked questions regarding your mental state, physical limitations, and any medical preconditions you may have. You will also either discuss payment by insurance or another method.

Based on your individual circumstances and clinical needs, your navigator will provide you a determination of which American Addiction Centers facility is the best option for you. You will review it together and the Navigator will answer any questions you might have.

If for whatever reason an American Addiction Centers facility is not a fit for you, your Navigator will provide you additional resources to help you find treatment elsewhere.

3. Beginning Addiction Treatment

Once you have reviewed your treatment plan and agreed upon it, it’s time to attend treatment. After scheduling your admission, we will provide you a packing list, a schedule, and any other information or assistance you may need to get to treatment successfully.

Once you arrive at the facility, one of our compassionate team members will take you through a final medical screening, get you settled, and begin treatment.

Are You Ready to Get Sober?

Whether you are seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, American Addiction Centers has you covered. We invite you to call us and speak with an Admissions Navigator at any time of the day. Just call our 24/7 helpline.

We can be reached at 1-888-439-3435 Who Answers? .