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What to Expect From an Admissions Navigator

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An Admissions Navigator is an American Addiction Centers team member who you will speak with when you call our helpline. Their job is to listen to your story, help you create an action plan, and support you in either getting treatment for yourself or a loved one.

Navigators are compassionate and understanding people who know addiction. In most cases, their experience with addiction is first hand. In any case, there are three things you can expect from any call with one of our team members.

An Opportunity to Be Heard

Not sure what you are looking for? Unsure of how to get help? That’s okay. Your first conversation with an admissions navigator will be an opportunity for you to tell them your personal story. Regardless of it being you struggling with addiction or your loved one, you should know this phone call is truly about you first. Our job is to see how we can help.

This is your opportunity to tell us your personal story and what exactly is going on in your life that has brought you to the point of picking up the phone. This will help your Navigator identify where they can be the most helpful and supportive.

True Empathy

Empathy and active listening are the most important pieces of a Navigator’s job. They have to truly understand your personal situation and where you’re coming from in order to be the best advocate for you possible. Ultimately, the goal is to provide you a unique action plan for you or your loved one to get treatment. a Navigator’s empathy is at the very core of creating that plan for you.

A Real Action Plan

Lastly, when you speak to one of our navigators, you can expect an action plan. Whether you call for more information or to start treatment immediately, you call because you are looking for direction. Based on your own story and your individual needs, you can expect to end the phone call with your navigator with a plan to get treatment.

Who Are Your Admissions Navigators?

At American Addiction Centers, we strive to hire compassionate staff who truly understand addiction. That means that most often, the Navigator who answers your phone call is someone in recovery who some time ago was looking for help just like you are today.

Either by achieving sobriety themselves or supporting their own loved ones through addiction, they know addiction inside and out. Are you wondering who you might speak to? Check out our team.

Ready to Speak to A Navigator?

If you are ready to speak to a Navigator, feel free to call us any time. American Addiction Centers operates a free & confidential helpline that is available 24/7 and our team is ready to take your call day or night. We can be reached at .

Still Have Questions Treatment?

Starting treatment is a big step and learning about addiction, treatment, and everything involved may seem overwhelming. Don’t worry. You are not alone and we have you covered. Here are some guides on the most common questions we field every day.