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Six Gambling Addicts Who Lost Everything-Cars, Homes, Marriages, and More

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It might be surprising, but there are people who are so addicted to gambling that it ends up costing them more than money. Gambling can be a serious addiction, and it can cost people their marriages, families, cars, homes, and lives. These stories include people who have killed, stolen, died, and more just to feed their out of control addictions.

1. Greyhound Trainer: Gambling Addict

In England, a greyhound trainer was addicted to a betting chain. He asked the company to stop taking his bets, because he knew he had a problem. The man sued the company because it did not close his account after he asked. In the meantime, the 28-year-old man was able to game away £3.5 million, which is close to $7 million, in six months. According to his story, the addiction cost him his training license, marriage, and business.

Gambling companies do have the ability to stop a person from gambling through their self-exclusion policies, which are in place to help those with gambling problems. This man is suing because the company would not stop him from gambling, even though he asked to have the policy invoked.

2. Deadly Game of Poker

Poker game

In Atlantic City, New Jersey, one man ended up dead after an argument at a poker game got out of hand. The two poker players got into an altercation and ended up fighting in the valet parking lot. Unfortunately, one of the men was stabbed, and the other was taken into custody. While the root of the argument is unknown, police believed it likely stemmed from over betting or cheating at the table.

3. $1 Million Gambling Spree

In New Jersey, a couple went on a $1 million gambling spree after the woman stole money from her employer. She faces approximately six years in a state prison, and her boyfriend faces three for being an accomplice. The two tried to launder the money by putting it into Atlantic City slots, but casino personnel notified the police.

4. Casino Staff Jailed for Stealing

Theft is not uncommon when an addiction requires money to participate. One ex-casino worker was sentenced to 21 months in prison after stealing more than $100,000 of free-play vouchers from her employer in 2006. On top of the time she will spend in prison, the woman will also face 10 years of probation and pay close to $600,000 in restitution. The woman gave more than $250-the actual limit-of free-play vouchers to regulars, who then gave her tips. Of those people, five were also charged with grand theft.

The woman argued that she did not have an addiction but wanted the regulars and her employer to like her. She believed that giving away the extra money helped others come back and, in turn, bring the casino more money. Unfortunately, her employer didn’t agree and fired her and pressed charges.

5. Gambler Ends Up Homeless

Gambling Slot Machine

One family found themselves homeless after a 10-year-old boy’s father’s addiction to gambling caught up to him. The boy’s father worked in hospitality and made good wages, but he was addicted to state-sponsored lottery games. The man gambled away everything, including his home, and he ended up losing his job as well.

Sadly, this happened to the family more than once. The man continued to gamble, and it is believed that the family was kicked out of the home at least two more times. It is not known whether the father ever sought help for his addiction to lottery cards.

6. Gambling Addict Kills Self and Family

One Michigan man’s family suffered the consequences of his heavy gambling addiction after he lost a large amount of money to a Vegas casino. The man was already reportedly in a poor financial situation, but the gambling addiction made things even worse. Two days after his losses in Vegas, he returned to his home in Michigan, shot his wife, strangled his three children, and took his own life. According to police, they found markers for losses of $225,000 from the casino.

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