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Inhalant Addiction Treatment Programs

If you or a loved one is addicted to inhalants, immediate treatment can stop the effects of abuse and restore both emotional and physical health. With the aid of an inhalants addiction treatment program, the addict can receive immediate inpatient help to shake the physical and emotional needs of their addiction. As an alternative to inpatient care, an inhalants addict may enter into an outpatient program geared towards offering the support needed on an individual basis to end their dependency on the abused substances. Either choice can lead to a successful recovery process.

Signs of Inhalant Abuse

inhalant addictionInhalants abuse often begins in the late teens, when loved ones, who could offer early help if only they recognized the abuse, still surround the abuser. If you’re a family member who suspects inhalants abuse, or a user unsure of your addiction, there are certain signs you are addicted to inhalants that are readily visible. These signs include, but are not limited to, impaired judgment that leads to an increase in accidents, stains on the face or on clothing from the inhalant use, a lowering of the appetite, and prolonged periods of confusion with the appearance of intoxication. Once the recognition of addiction takes place, treatment can begin.

Treatment of inhalants abuse deals primarily with reducing the psychological need for the drug use. Recovery is an ongoing process for the addict, requiring a change in the way the addict views the high they achieve with drug use. A treatment program begins the process with short communication sessions, with the goal being that of an initial assessment of the user’s recovery needs. This leads to a determination of the best course of treatment that will result in a lifelong recovery. From there, it’s on to a program of reintegration, aimed towards helping the addict to find a way to restore those aspects of life lost due to the use of drugs.

Treatment Options For Inhalant Addicts

Addiction Support Groups

support group Voluntary addiction support groups are often very useful in providing an outlet for recovering or former addicts who have completed residential or other intensive rehabilitation therapy to continue to deal with the issues that led to their addiction. Participation in these groups, which is often also recommended by counselors and addiction experts as a part of intensive outpatient addiction therapy, often prevents relapses of addiction disorders.

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Medically trained personnel, from drug counselors to physicians, are at hand during the treatment program to provide expert assistance to the patient in overcoming the addiction. In addition, participation in a support group provides an environment where the addict can discuss the issues of recovery with others who are in various stages of their own recovery process. This support helps the addict see that success is possible and that long-term recovery is an achievable goal.

Support includes the addict’s family as well, and treatment programs keep this in mind when helping the addict to form their new drug-free life. A good program treats the family as well as the addict. This treatment makes them part of the recovery process through education about the addiction and by teaching coping methods that will help family members provide needed support, without creating an environment in which the addict can return to their abusive behaviors.

There is help for inhalants addicts available. All that’s needed to take the first step towards treatment is to make a phone call to a national hotline that can provide you with information for a treatment program that works. Call 1-888-439-3435 Who Answers? for answers to any questions you may have about inhalants addiction treatment programs and program locations. All calls made to this free national hotline are confidential.