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Blue Shield of California covered Alcohol and Drug rehab centers in California Near Me

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Does Blue Shield of California Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers?

Blue Shield of California is a non-profit health plan that aims to help improve healthcare provision for the people in California. It strives to secure care for alcohol and drug-related treatments at an affordable price.1

Blue Shield of California belongs to the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), one of the largest healthcare providers in the United States. Blue Shield California health plans provide coverage for drug treatment. Still, it is best to check the extent of your coverage and the type of requested treatment covered with particular rehab centers. A patient can also check Blue Shield rehab coverage by directly contacting Blue Shield of California. They will receive precise input on the type of treatment and the insurance coverage.2

What Does Blue Shield California Do?

Blue Shield of California was founded in 1939 in San Francisco and has since then expanded to 22 locations across the state, with headquarters in Oakland. Blue Shield California insurance coverage currently has 4.5 million members and employs 7.500 people.1

Providing a range of HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) and PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans allows the client to choose the type of coverage that will work best for them and their family. Health plan information is available online anytime for all individual and family plans, and there are additional health and wellness resources included at no additional fee.3

Blue Shield California Addiction treatment is designed to cater to several different budget plans so that every member can customize their treatment program and choose the option that suits them best. Almost all plans include comprehensive benefits and access to wide networks of California healthcare providers.3

Mental health benefits are included in our BS of California healthcare plans. There are resources available for people seeking to sleep better, manage anxiety, or overcome addiction. Treating mental health issues that may come up during addiction treatment is essential for a successful outcome. Patients undergoing addiction treatment may also suffer from depression and anxiety, which is covered by BS of California mental health.4

What Does Blue Shield Of California Cover In Addiction Treatment?

As part of its insurance plan, Blue Shield of CA covers different levels of addiction treatment and associated services if they are deemed necessary and appropriate for an individual case. Plans include the following services:5

  • Inpatient/residential rehabs are where an individual may be admitted to a hospital or clinic where they receive 24/7 medical treatment for up to several weeks. Residential care is when an individual lives at a facility and receives treatment for a more extended period, such as a month or a whole year.6
  • Outpatient programs involve therapy and counseling delivered at a treatment facility while the individual continues living their life normally.6
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOT) place clients in various groups during treatment. Psychoeducational groups, skills-development groups, support groups, and interpersonal process groups are some of the most common types. There is no rigid distinction between the types of groups; each borrows from the other ideas and techniques. IOT programs may also offer specialized groups for job-hunting and recreational pursuits.7
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are outpatient psychiatric and/or chemical dependency treatment programs.8

Does Blue Shield California Cover Mental Health & Co-Occurring Mental Disorder?

Individuals who have a co-occurring disorder suffer from a mental illness and a substance abuse disorder at the same time.9

There is a higher prevalence of substance use disorders among people affected by mental illness. According to SAMHSA’s survey, approximately 9.2 million adults in the U.S. suffer from a co-occurring disorder.9

Here are some of the most common mental disorders that are seen in individuals struggling with substance abuse:9

  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar and Schizophrenia disorders
  • Depression

Substances that are most commonly used among patients with above mentioned mental disorders are:9

  • Alcohol and tobacco
  • Opioids and Stimulants
  • Prescription drugs
  • Hallucinogens

Many health problems are associated with mental illness, especially long-term conditions. The Blue Shield mental health program may offer counseling, treatment, and other support services.4

BS of California addiction treatment may cover co-occuring disorder treatments that include behavioral health services. It is vital to check the level of your drug rehab coverage before going forward.10

What Type Of Addiction Treatment Therapy Does Blue Shield California Cover?

To find out which addiction treatment programs are included in the policy, it is best to contact Blue Shield California directly. These covered costs may include:10

  • Detox is the removal of harmful substances from the body. Medications and therapies are used in a professional drug detox program to minimize withdrawal symptoms and prevent potential side effects.
  • Inpatient treatment requires a patient to stay at the center for the whole duration of the treatment. There are numerous advantages to this type of treatment which allow the patient to focus all their effort on the treatment with minimal risk of relapse.
  • Outpatient type of addiction treatment is not as restrictive as it does not require the patient to stay within the premises of the facility for the duration. It allows the patient to go to school or work and attend sessions and counseling at a designated schedule.
  • Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) is prescribed when it becomes challenging to deal with withdrawal symptoms and cravings during the addiction treatment. This is when MAT is introduced to help patients better cope with the treatment.

What Is the Duration of the Addiction Treatment Covered by Blue Shield Of California?

Various factors determine how long a treatment lasts. Healthcare plans under BS of California should cover most of the treatment, but it always pays to check with the insurance company for details.11

It takes time and dedication for alcohol and drug rehabilitation to work. As a result, it is always best to choose a more extended type of treatment as it gives you more chance of success and reduces the chance of relapse.12

It is not easy to start a rehabilitation program, but people are more motivated to take the first step with enough information. The advisors you can talk to by calling Blue Shield California helpline are able to provide all of the necessary information. Feel free to ask the admission advisor about the potential duration of treatment and they may also be able to suggest the best program duration in your situation.11

Available Options if Blue Shield of California Does Not Cover an Addiction Program

Addiction treatment is tailored for every individual’s particular needs. For this reason alone, it is difficult to predict whether your Blue Shield of California policy can cover the whole drug treatment program and services necessary for a successful recovery. Every patient is unique, so the most effective treatment in a given case may involve approaches and services that do not meet medical necessity requirements.12,13

Blue Shield of California may be able to help with grants and financing to improve the well-being of the community.14 Getting timely treatment is of utmost importance. An addiction’s weight on an individual’s life, family, and budget is enormous. Treatment can counteract impacts on a person’s brain and behavior, allowing them to gain a sense of control over their lives. Being uninsured doesn’t have to stop you from receiving treatment, as there are available options like loans, grants, and scholarships.15

How To Connect With Inpatient Blue Shield of California Drug Addiction Program

In addition to the doctors and hospitals you can use for these services, your policy will determine your coverage for medical services. In addition, it determines the cost of your healthcare. Blue Shield of California provides the best substance abuse providers for members within its network. You can connect to them by calling your insurance company or the facility directly.16

Blue Shield of California works with in-network providers that have an agreement with the company. In-network treatment facilities cost less.16 PPOs are a better option (instead of HMOs) since they allow you to visit any provider within their network without a referral. Non-network providers can be used by members for an additional cost.17

How To Check If Blue Shield Of California Coverage Is Valid For Treatment Centers

America’s Addiction Centers (AAC) is a major substance abuse provider in the U.S. and a member of Blue Shield of California‘s provider network. The AAC helpline or online form can be used to check your benefits. You can get in touch with an admission navigator at AAC, and they will verify your insurance immediately as long as you have your card present.

Laguna Treatment Hospital in Orange County offers top-tier chemical dependency rehabilitation programs. Inpatient treatments for individuals who need 25/7 care are the primary focus. A mix of behavioral and MAT methods is used to treat every individual case.18

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Blue Shield of California Cover Alcohol and Drug Detox in CA?

Drug and alcohol detox is typically covered by BCBS of California. You may be covered at least partially by your insurance depending on the type of treatment program.2

Does Blue Shield of California Cover Behavioral Health?

Blue Shield of California insurance plans may vary in terms of coverage. According to the ACA, providers must cover mental health problems as well as substance use disorders (SUD).19

People with SUD are at high risk for co-occurring disorders. SUD is associated with about half of cases of mental illness. If you have a dual diagnosis, you can simultaneously get treatment for both disorders.19

Does Blue Shield Of California Cover Suboxone (Buprenorphine/ Naloxone) Treatment?

The answer is yes, Blue Shield of California covers Suboxone treatment as long as a prescriber has a DEA ‘’X’’ on all prescriptions, a treatment plan for induction and stabilization, and the dose does not exceed the FDA-approved diagnosis.20

The therapy can be reauthorized after 3 months of treatment if certain prerequisites have been met.20