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Does Molina Healthcare of Texas insurance cover Alcohol and Drug Rehab centers?

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If you’re a Texas resident who struggles with substance use, you’re not alone. Even though addiction can feel isolating, there is help available through treatment programs that can allow you to break free from substance use.

How can you pay for the treatment you need? If you have coverage through Molina Healthcare of Texas, your insurance could help you pay for some or all of the cost of treatment.

It can be challenging to understand how to use your insurance to access rehab treatment, which is why we have this guide for you. We’ll answer common questions about using Molina insurance to access the help you need.

Each insurance plan has its own limits and terms, so be sure you understand all the details before enrolling in a program. You can find out more by calling the phone number on the back of your insurance card or connecting with American Addiction Centers (AAC) online or by phone. We can review your coverage in just a few minutes.

How to find Molina Healthcare of Texas covered Inpatient drug treatment centers in TX?

Finding the right treatment centers can feel overwhelming, but fortunately, there are ways to make it easier. By reviewing your insurance plan, you can find out what treatment centers are part of the provider network.

The easiest way to verify your insurance details is by contacting AAC through chat, email, phone, or using our form below. Our Admissions Navigators can review your coverage in just a few minutes while they chat with you. They can also answer any questions you have about rehab and what to expect.

AAC is proud to run high-quality facilities that accept a wide range of healthcare plans. Our Admissions Navigators can let you know exactly what facilities are available to you.

For example, the Greenhouse Treatment Center in Grand Prairie, Texas, has a luxurious setting and high-end amenities that include indoor and outdoor pools, a fitness center, and meals crafted by an expert chef.

Breaking free of substance use will give you the chance for a better life where you can freely pursue your dreams. You deserve it — take the first step by contacting AAC today.

What Rehab Centers Take Molina Healthcare Insurance?

Working with an in-network provider is important for keeping costs low. If you have a Molina Healthcare, the following AAC facilities accept this insurance:

  • Greenhouse Treatment Center: Located in Grand Prairie, Texas, Greenhouse offers individualized treatment plans and various levels of care in a luxurious setting.
  • Recovery First Treatment Center: Recovery First Treatment Center is in Hollywood, Florida, and is a leading rehabilitation center offering high-quality addiction treatment.

What will Molina Healthcare of Texas insurance cover?

There’s not a single treatment plan that works for everyone. Instead, you’ll work with your doctor to craft an individualized plan that fits your specific needs. Your doctor will ask about your usage history, triggers, family environment, and more. This will help them create a plan for you to break free from substances for good.

Will your Molina coverage help pay for your treatment? The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a law that creates specific requirements for insurance companies. In particular, there are 10 essential health benefits that all long-term plans must cover, which include substance use and mental health care.1, fifth bullet

That means your Molina insurance in Texas will cover at least some of the cost of your rehab treatment, depending on the details of your plan.

Some of the most common substance use treatment approaches include:2,3

  • Inpatient rehab. Inpatient care is a way to get away from your home environment and focus on getting better. You receive around-the-clock care and support, which allows you to focus completely on your treatment. Inpatient care can include counseling, educational programs, and medication management if necessary.
  • Outpatient rehab. Outpatient can be a starting point for treatment or a follow-up after inpatient treatment. It offers several hours of therapy and counseling per week, usually in the evening or early morning, so as not to disrupt normal schedules.
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOP). Intensive outpatient treatment is a type of care that is more focused than normal outpatient care. It includes counseling, educational programs, and medication management if required. IOP programs might run three to five days per week for about two to five hours per day.
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHP). A partial hospitalization program is a hospital-based form of outpatient drug rehabilitation. PHPs offer a similar treatment intensity and daily structure to that of inpatient/residential programs, but you live at home. A PHP may be a good fit for people who need a high level of care but can remain clean outside of a rehab center. People typically attend the recovery center 3 to 5 days a week for about 4 to 6 hours each day.

The most important part of successful treatment is to fully complete the treatment program, whatever that program is. Don’t leave because you start feeling better—instead, practice your new habits in a controlled environment so that you have a great chance of long-term success.

Does Molina Healthcare of Texas Cover Mental Health Care Treatment Facilities?

It’s common to have both a mental health condition and substance use problems, which is known as a co-occurring disorder. In fact, 50% of those with substance use concerns also have a mental health diagnosis.4, second paragraph

If this is the case for you, it’s important to treat both your mental health and substance use together. Integrated treatment has been shown to have a much higher rate of success than treating only one issue or the other.5, first paragraph

Will your Molina insurance coverage help pay for your mental healthcare as well as your substance abuse treatment? Yes, both mental health and substance use treatment are part of the 10 essential health benefits required by the ACA.1, fifth bullet

Each insurance plan offered by Molina in Texas will have its own limits and requirements for coverage, so be sure you understand the details before you commit to a rehab program.

Does Molina Healthcare of Texas Cover addiction treatment therapies?

There are a lot of ways to approach treatment for substance use. What does Molina healthcare cover when it comes to substance use therapies?

Your insurance plan will focus on covering evidence-based therapy because these approaches have been shown to be effective. The plans are not likely to cover experiential or unproven therapies.

Some of the common evidence-based therapies for substance use include:6

  • Motivational incentives & enhancement.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).
  • Family behavior therapy.
  • Community reinforcement.

By choosing a treatment program that uses evidence-based therapies, you’ll not only maximize your insurance coverage, but you’ll also give yourself the best chance at proven long-term recovery.

What is Molina Healthcare of Texas?

Molina Healthcare is a Fortune 500 company that provides healthcare in several states.7 Plans are available through Medicare, state Medicaid programs, and the Health Insurance Marketplace.7 Molina Healthcare covers around five million members.7

The company focuses on improving the lives and health of members by offering several ways to access high-quality health care, including Molina Medicaid programs, Medicare Advantage plans, dual enrollment programs, and Molina Marketplace plans.8

Whether you’re covered through Molinda Medicaid of Texas or a Marketplace plan, you’ll have high-quality coverage and care with Molina Healthcare.

H2: How Long Does Molina Texas Insurance Cover Drug Rehab Centers?

How much time will you spend in rehab? It’s a common question, and it will vary depending on your use history and needs. Your doctor will help you determine a treatment plan that’s long enough to help you make lasting changes.

According to studies, it takes at least 90 days for most people to make a significant change or stop using substances.9, point five That’s why most programs are at least three months long. However, the ideal treatment process for you could be longer.

What’s important is to fully complete the entire treatment program. When you do, you’ll have the opportunity to practice your new habits as long as possible before you need to start using them in challenging situations. As a result, you’ll increase your chances of long-term success.

What if my Molina Texas policy does not cover inpatient drug rehab program?

You have a lot of options when it comes to rehab treatment, but you might discover your insurance only covers some of the cost. Or, you might be most interested in a program that is outside of your insurance coverage altogether.

Don’t let that stop you from getting the treatment you need. There are always options when it comes to paying for rehab, and insurance is only part of the solution. You might find that the treatment program offers a sliding scale of fees based on income, or you could set up a payment plan.

Some treatment centers have scholarships available, or you might be able to borrow money from family and friends to get the help you need. Once you complete treatment and are free from substance use, you’ll be in a much better position to manage your finances and repay your loans.

What’s most important is that you get the treatment you need as soon as possible. There are long-term legal and health consequences to substance use, and you want to break free before it’s too late.

Molina Healthcare of Texas In-Network vs. Out of Network Rehab Centers

As you look at different treatment programs, you’ll discover that some are “in-network” and others are “out-of-network” for your insurance plan. What does that mean?

Insurance plans create a provider network by getting specific doctors and facilities to agree to treat plan members for a lower fee than usual.10, p. 1 What’s a Provider Network That way, when you go to those doctors, you have more insurance coverage and pay less out-of-pocket.10, p. 2, Why do some plans…

However, it’s likely that if you use a treatment program outside the network, you’ll have little or no coverage from your insurance plan.10, p. 2, Why do some plans… You’ll have to pay the cost yourself.10, p. 2, Why do some plans…

To maximize your insurance coverage and keep your own costs low, focus on treatment centers that accept your insurance plan if possible. If it’s not possible, however, still move forward with treatment. There are many ways to pay for rehab, as we mentioned earlier.

How to Verify Molina Texas Insurance Coverage for drug rehab centers?

The best way to narrow down your substance use treatment choices is by reviewing the details of your insurance plan to find rehab programs that are within the Molina rehabilitation coverage network.

You can do this by calling the number on the back of your insurance card or by contacting AAC. We make it easy by giving you a simple form to fill out, or you can call or chat online with us. Our Navigators can review your insurance in just a few minutes and answer your questions about what to expect from substance use treatment.

A life without substance use is happier, healthier, and allows you to pursue your dreams. You deserve to break free. Take the first step by contacting us today.