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Lortab Addiction Treatment Programs

Lortab is a commonly-prescribed pain reliever that contains acetaminophen and hydrocodone, a semi-synthetic opioid. People who become addicted to Lortab normally start by taking it for pain relief. Over time, their bodies develop a tolerance for the drug, which can quickly lead to dependence and then addiction. If you are addicted to Lortab or know someone who is, there is help. You do not have to go through this alone. One of our counselors can guide you through the process of finding Lortab addiction treatment options so that you can start on the road to recovery. Call us today at 1-888-439-3435 Who Answers? to get the information you need about available Lortab treatment centers and programs that can help you beat the addiction.

Signs That You Are Addicted to Lortab

It is very common for people to begin taking Lortab for pain relief while under a doctor’s care and then find they have trouble stopping. Because of the way the hydrocodone attaches to receptors in the brain, the drug can cause both physical and psychological addiction. Physical symptoms of Lortab addiction usually occur when you try to stop taking the drug or reduce your dosage. These may include typical withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, muscle tremors, confusion, cramps, and a change in sleep patterns.

After you build up a tolerance to Lortab, you need increased doses to achieve the same effect. Because of this, the most noticeable signs of addiction usually show up as behavioral issues when you try to hide your drug use and keep a sufficient supply of Lortab. Doctor shopping to get prescriptions is common, as are financial issues; not keeping up your responsibilities at home, school, or work; mood swings; and withdrawal from relationships with friends and family.

Help for Lortab Addicts

While it’s possible to beat the drug on your own, chances for relapse are high unless you engage in regular therapy to overcome your psychological dependency on Lortab. If you do choose to detox on your own, your doctor might prescribe other drugs to help wean you off the Lortab gradually and lessen withdrawal symptoms. However, detox centers and Lortab rehab facilities provide the best Lortab treatments. They can give you the care you need to beat your addiction now and live the rest of your life drug-free.

Detox Centers and Withdrawal Treatment

Choosing a Lortab treatment program is a very individual decision. The extent of your addiction, your financial circumstances, and your home situation will all play a role in the program you choose. Making the decision to enter a treatment facility, however, is the first step towards sobriety. Before deciding on a specific facility, talk to professionals who can guide you and to others who have gone through addiction treatment so that you can make your choices based on all of the information you need.

Inpatient Lortab Rehab

If you choose an inpatient rehab facility to help you beat your Lortab addiction, you will live at the facility with round-the-clock supervision throughout your treatment. Most programs last from one to three months, during which time you will have medical supervision that will help you beat the physical addiction and therapy to treat the psychological effects of your addiction. The first portion of the treatment will focus on physical detoxification while you rid your body of the drug, and could take up to one full month. Once you have gotten the Lortab out of your system, you can begin working on the psychological aspects to minimize the risk of relapse after you leave the program.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab

Inpatient treatment isn’t always a viable option. If you have a strong support system of family and friends and if you can avoid the triggers that caused your addiction in the first place while staying at home, outpatient treatment might be a viable option. In this case, you will spend your days at the facility undergoing Lortab treatments similar to those of an inpatient, but you will return home at night. You can also choose to enter an inpatient situation while you go through the detoxification and withdrawal and then complete the program as an outpatient.

Aftercare / Addiction Counseling / Sober Living

Beating your addiction does not end when you leave your treatment program. You need continued care to ensure that you do not relapse. Most Lortab treatment centers, whether inpatient or outpatient, will put together a full management plan to help you continue working on the addiction after the program ends. This plan usually includes group or individual therapy and participation in a support group or twelve-step program. If you are facing financial, legal, or professional issues because of your addiction, the management program will address those as well.

Choose to Quit Lortab Now/ Stage an Intervention for a Loved One

If you are addicted to Lortab, start your new life today by choosing to enter a Lortab treatment program. If you are concerned about a friend or loved one, consider staging an intervention with help from a professional. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call us at 1-888-439-3435 Who Answers? . Our professional counselors will help guide you through the process of choosing the right Lortab addiction treatment program. Make today the day you choose sobriety.