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Outpatient Options for Addiction Services

Outpatient options can be vital to a person’s ability to work with addiction services to become sober. Outpatient services allow patients to continue working, interacting, and living their lives while they receive treatment. Some forms of outpatient treatment include behavioral therapy and some forms of medically-monitored detoxification.

Outpatient options can easily be found online through the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website. You can search for a location that is near you by city, state, region, and more. The locator allows you to research each potential clinic and the ways it allows you to finance treatment. People interested in this website and more information about where to find more outpatient options can call 1-888-439-3435 Who Answers? .

The Varied Outpatient Treatment Services For Drug Addicts

Depending where you are in the United States you may have many options of clinics and outpatient services. For example, in Delaware, the Claymont Treatment Center focuses on substance abuse treatment. This center is outpatient only and helps those with addiction related to methadone and buprenorphine. This clinic takes self payments and health insurance, as well as specialty groups such as gay and lesbians, pregnant women, men, and people with recurring addiction issues.

Another location in Delaware is Aquila of Delaware/Georgetown. This clinic allows for partial hospitalization (day treatment) as well as outpatient services. This service is specialized in adolescents and those with mental and substance abuse disorders. All forms of payment are accepted, and the fees are based on a sliding scale.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Help for Women Only

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a problem that affects women from all walks of life. The most responsible person can wake up one day to discover her life has been taken over by substance abuse. Chronic alcohol and drug abuse alters brain circuitry and over time affects every physical system.

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In Nevada, you may be able to work with Saint Francis Alcohol and Drug Abuse. This service is only an outpatient option. Treatment is provided for any person, regardless of age, race, or sexuality, and payment is based on a sliding scale.

A larger health system in Nevada is Blue Valley Behavioral Health. This health clinic has multiple offices located around the state. It works with a mix of mental health and substance abuse services to help patients become sober. There is ASL service at this location, so those with hearing issues can receive the help they need. This clinic is also based on a sliding fee scale.

For those who speak other languages, the Mid Plains Center for Behavioral Healthcare Services Inc. is capable of helping those who speak American Sign Language, Arabic, and Spanish. The clinic works with a mix of mental health and substance abuse patients and is able to work with detoxification. Special programs are in place at this clinic for the benefit of those with co-occurring mental and substance abuse problems. Any form of payment, including military insurance and state-financed insurance (other than Medicaid) is accepted.

In another state, Ohio, there are also a number of outpatient options you could look into. There is a woman’s recovery program that is specifically aimed at women who have had substance abuse issues and other problems in their lives. Located in Akron, Ohio, this outpatient service accepts pregnant and postpartum women, women of any age, and those with co-occurring mental disorders. The services are offered on a sliding scale, making it easy to cover the financial aspect of treatment. Self payment, Medicaid, Medicare, private health insurance, and military insurance are all taken by this clinic.

Another nearby clinic is the Akron Urban Minority Alcohol/Drug Abuse Outreach Program Inc. This program has specialty groups for criminal justice clients, but focuses on outpatient treatment. Those with hearing impairments can come to this clinic, as special language services is on staff. There are also other methods available for those with hearing issues.

As you can tell, there are many different options for outpatient services when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction services. Each state has a number of options that you can view that are listed by city, making it easy to find one that is close to you and one that fits your budget and needs.