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6-Month Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs Near me

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What Is a 6-Month Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program?

Substance use disorders (SUDs) refer to recurring use of drugs and/or alcohol. SUD can cause significant health and social impairments in struggling individuals, resulting in both physical and mental health issues and failure to meet responsibilities at home, school, or work. It may even cause lasting changes in brain chemistry.

To overcome the psychological, emotional, physical, and social challenges caused by addiction, patients may need constant, intense support over an extended period of time. In general, longer treatment duration typically provides the highest chance of recovery and the lowest risk of relapse. So, 6-month alcohol and drug inpatient rehabilitation programs are frequently recommended to individuals battling severe substance use disorders.2

According to a 2018 National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services, 18.7% of rehab facilities offer long-term, highly-structured inpatient solutions that.3 These centers are specifically designed to deliver the necessary care in a safe, comfortable, and drug-free environment.2

How Do I Know if 6-Month Inpatient Detox Programs Are Right for Me?

Individuals battling a chronic, intense substance use disorder for an extended period and have gone through multiple relapses frequently require prolonged care that cannot be provided by 3-10 day detox programs or even 30-day stays at treatment centers. By supplying complete immersion recovery services, 6-month alcohol and drug treatment programs tend to be better suited to meet the needs of these patients.2

Whether an individual should undergo long-term treatment is determined during a detailed and expertly designed assessment performed by a team of experienced admissions navigators, which normally occurs at the start of the admission process at their preferred rehab center. Major factors that impact an individual’s treatment needs include the substance(s) used, the scope and duration of use, and presence of co-occurring conditions.4

How Can 6-Month Rehab Help?

Usually, 6-month drug and alcohol rehab programs focus on the following:

  • Aiding patients in developing effective coping mechanisms.
  • Using medication to help balance brain chemistry and lessen drug cravings.
  • Providing patients with the time they need to work on understanding any underlying problems they may have that have led to their substance use disorder.
  • Helping patients reintegrate into society and return to the workforce.
  • Aiding patients in reconnecting with their family and friends, as well as establishing strong relationships with other patients in the facility.

If you or a loved one are struggling with a substance use disorder, you should consider getting in touch with a treatment center near you to consult with the experts directly and learn more about the available options for your particular type of addiction. If you’re not sure what the best facilities are for your specific needs or you’re uncertain on how to contact them, confidential substance abuse hotlines are available to provide the necessary guidance and set you or your loved one on the path to recovery.

What Should I Expect From 6-Month Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers?

These facilities typically develop personalized treatment and aftercare plans that take each patient’s unique requirements and circumstances into account. A specialized approach may also be needed, such as in cases where the patient is a member of the LGBTQ community or a veteran struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder.2

In general, 6-month inpatient programs can include similar components as residential treatment programs. They may include:

  • Detox, which is designed to alleviate the unpleasant and possibly harmful withdrawal symptoms.5
  • In-person counseling for individuals, couples, families, and/or groups.3
  • Therapy, the type(s) of which may vary depending on the patient’s particular needs.
  • Support groups, in which patients assist each other with maintaining abstinence and hold each other accountable. A well-known type of support group is the 12-step program.3
  • Relapse prevention through the development of a custom aftercare plan.3

What Happens During a Regular Day in 6-Month Inpatient Rehab?

While the exact routine may depend on each patient’s plan and specific center’s policies, you can expect the following daily schedule at most treatment centers near you:

  • Breakfast
  • Therapy sessions
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Counseling or support group meetings

What Can I Expect After a 6-Month Treatment Program?

Discharge plans and aftercare programs can vary depending on individual needs and circumstances, but they typically include the following:2

  • Outpatient care, in which the patient continues attending regular therapy sessions and/or support group meetings. 
  • Halfway or sober living houses may be required or recommended for some individuals. These temporary homes are designed to reduce the risk of relapse, help patients reintegrate into society, and maintain a productive and independent lifestyle.
  • Follow-up counseling, which aids patients in understanding the root causes of their substance use disorder and helping them maintain sobriety in the future.

How Do I Choose a 6-Month Inpatient Drug Detox Program?

Individuals who are seeking treatment for their substance use disorder can begin their search by finding an inpatient facility in their area, checking previous patients’ testimonials, reaching out to their helpline, and consulting with their staff directly. You should consider various factors when selecting a 6-month treatment center, with the most important ones being:2

  • Whether the patients are supervised by a team of trained medical personnel.
  • Which treatment approaches are used.
  • Which activities are included in their daily schedule.
  • Which amenities are provided to the patients.
  • Whether it offers personalized aftercare plans that help recovering individuals reintegrate into society.

Some rehab facilities also offer various specialized options that may be better suited for your or your loved one’s particular needs and preferences. Discuss the available options with your rehab center of choice to determine the best course of action for your specific situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 6-month Rehabilitation Programs Confidential and Private?

They are. 6-month rehab facilities take great care to safeguard their clients’ privacy and confidentiality. This is a key element of garnering and maintaining the clients’ trust, and making sure they stay on course. Anything that the clients decide to discuss with the facility’s admissions navigators or other staff members will be treated with utmost confidentiality.2

What Is the Cost of a 6-Month Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program?

Depending on which rehab center you opt for, a day in long-term inpatient treatment typically costs $200-$700, while intensive outpatient treatment is usually priced at $3500-$5000 per week. The prices are determined based on the scope, duration, and setting of the treatment. They can further vary depending on the individual’s progress and treatment course.

Low-income citizens who don’t have access to insurance can still obtain help by opting for affordable and low-cost centers. Eligible individuals may even be enlisted in free 6-month rehab programs at state-funded alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities.6

It’s important to note that, whatever the price of treatment may be, a failure to address your or your loved one’s substance use disorder can be far costlier. Without proper treatment, severe addiction can have far-reaching consequences, including problems with the law, lasting damage to an individual’s health, and even death.7

Are 6-month Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs Covered by Insurance?

Every major insurance carrier in the U.S. provides coverage for drug and alcohol rehab to some extent. However, insurers will rarely cover the full cost of a 6-month treatment.5 Fortunately, rehab facilities such as American Addiction Centers (AAC) are able to offer additional payment options by partnering with major insurance companies across the country. To determine whether your insurance carrier is in network with AAC, fill out a short online form.

Who Provides Evidence-Based 6-Month Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Programs Near Me?

American Addiction Centers offers treatment to individuals who are struggling with substance use disorder. This recognized provider has a detailed admissions process designed to determine the correct level of care for each individual patient and is able to provide 24-hour same-day admittance for emergency cases.

AAC’s treatment centers are outfitted with modern amenities that increase the patients’ comfort and aid in their recovery. All members of their staff follow the recommended COVID-19 safety procedures to ensure patients’ safety and peace of mind.

Beside 6-month rehab treatment programs, American Addiction Centers can also provide you with:

AAC hotlines are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about the rehab process and assist you in finding the help you or your loved one needs. Their professionals are committed to aiding in patients’ long-term recovery. Additionally, any individual who has experienced a relapse after completing 90 consecutive days at one of  the AAC rehab facilities will receive an additional 30 days of consecutive treatment, free of charge.