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Picking an Appropriate Treatment Provider

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At American Addiction Centers, we want you to have all the tools you need to select an appropriate treatment provider. We understand the process of finding a treatment provider can feel overwhelming. Resources, like facility websites or and the following guide, can help you determine which options are best for you or your loved one.

This guide will cover four major items you should consider when identifying a treatment provider.

Research Everything

Read about the staff’s experiences, skills, and licenses online, and view videos and photos and read reviews to “see” what the treatment experience will be like. Ask an admissions counselor about how the intake, treatment, and discharge process work, and about what happens after treatment.

Identify Red Flags & Warning Signs

Some treatment centers advertise a “cure” or an unrealistic success rate. Others may only ask you about your ability to pay, and then determine a “fit” without getting any medical or clinical information about you. Some possible bad actors will even offer you gifts, cash incentives, help with obtaining insurance, or free travel. These are possible signs of illegal or unethical behaviors that can possibly harm you or your loved one.

Identify Proper Accreditations

Identify proper accreditation and licensure. Appropriate state licensure is important in determining what services and levels of care are permissible to be rendered at a treatment center. Some facilities voluntarily obtain accreditation from the Joint Commission or CARF, indicating that they have met quality and safety standards that go beyond those required by the state.

If you are interested in learning about our facilities at American Addiction Centers, you can find detailed information including our accreditations here. If you would like to view a list of all providers, you can use the SAMHSA directory at

Determine a Clinical Match

Successful outcomes rely on appropriate clinical care. There is no one-size-fits-all method for treatment. When searching for treatment, ask an admissions counselor for details on the clinical program. Are the methodologies utilized evidence-based (meaning scientifically proven to produce better outcomes)? Does the treatment center employ medically licensed healthcare providers? Will the center provide the name and credentials of its providers? Has the treatment center published any outcome studies?

Make note of the questions you are asked by the admissions team, and if they ask you for your medical history. This will help you and the facility’s staff determine if your needs match with the clinical program offered.

Assess Financial Viability

Discuss with your insurance provider or an admissions counselor if treatment is “in-network.” If your insurance provider will not cover treatment or a portion of treatment, determine what additional expenses you may have to cover ahead of time, and ask if payment plans are available.

If you have done everything in these four major steps, you are one step closer to getting help.

Do You Still Have Questions?

At American Addiction Centers we want you to have everything you need to feel comfortable to ask for help. After reading this article, most people are wondering what to expect when they call our substance abuse helpline or how they get started with treatment. For more information, check out these guides below.