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Levels of Care In Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment is often broken down into four major levels of care. Detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient, treatment all serve different purposes through the recovery process and are often accessed in that particular order.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine has created a scale for ranking the acuity or intensity of the level of care which ranks from 0-4 with 4 being the most acute.1 For more information on the levels of care, see the links below.

Level of Care Purpose ASAM Level
Detox Medical Stabilization 4
Inpatient & Residential Intensive Therapy 3
Outpatient Reintegration Support 1
Support Groups Recovery Maintenance 1
Aftercare & Counseling Recovery Maintenance 1
Sober Living Transitional Living 0

Finding the Right Treatment Center

There are several different core therapy types used in addiction treatment. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, contingency management, motivational interviewing, and dual diagnosis are some of the most popular. Additionally, many programs also have supplemental therapy offerings like yoga, wilderness therapy, equine therapy, exercise, and meditation.

Though stepping down through the levels of care listed above are uniform across facilities for the most part, the type of therapy used and specializations will likely vary from facility to facility.

When selecting a program you should consider some of the following questions:

  1. Is it a dual diagnosis facility? If yes, the facility also treats existing mental health conditions as part of addiction treatment.
  2. What is the recommended length of their treatment program?
  3. Are there visitation opportunities for your family?
  4. Does the facility create a unique treatment program for your needs specifically?

These are all important questions that can help you find the right facility for you.

How American Addiction Centers Can Help

As a leading addiction treatment provider in the United States, American Addiction Centers focuses on not only treating the addiction itself, but the causes that led to its development. At American Addiction Centers, our treatment model is specialized to meet the needs of each person.

To find out more, or to get started, American Addiction Centers operates a confidential addiction hotline available 24/7 to help people find their path to recovery.

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Still Unsure About Seeking Treatment?

If you are still unsure about how treatment works, how to ask for help, or how to get treatment, we understand and are here to help. The guides below are great for answering common questions about the treatment-seeking process: