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Men-Only Addiction Treatment

There are no gender boundaries between those who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. Addiction is an issue that affects both men and women. Successful treatment of an addiction requires customized programs, and for men, the success rate is heightened in a treatment facility that’s specific to men only.

The reasons behind the higher success rate are varied. Men and women often have different experiences with alcohol and drug addiction. These differences range from the underlying reasons behind the substance abuse to the actual physical response to substance use. By obtaining treatment in a men-only treatment facility, the patient can receive tailored treatment that can deal with the issues most common to the male addict. This is especially useful during the initial phase of the treatment process when an evaluation behind the causes of an addiction is being made.

What Drug Rehab Facilities For Men Offer

Men-only addiction treatment facilities provide a feeling of safety and inclusion to the addict. Surrounded by men, a male addict often feels more comfortable with speaking about the issues that are most common to a male drug user, whether they’re related to the job, the addict’s home life or social stresses. Take away the co-ed environment, and male addicts find themselves sharing more deeply with both the counselors and other patients in group therapy sessions.

Teenage Addiction Programs: An Overview

Teenagers often succumb to academic, social, and family pressures by falling into the grips of substance or behavioral addictions. Teenage addiction programs that succeed in helping teenagers break these addictions do so with a holistic approach that looks at the teenager as a whole person rather than just as a patient with an addiction problem.

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The ability to connect with others in the program is essential to the success of a men-only treatment facility. While each addict’s set of circumstances is unique, there are several common reasons for male alcohol and drug addiction. The abuse of substances typically begins at a young age. Drugs and alcohol use begins casually, with addiction often eased into over time without the realization of a problem.Drugs and alcohol are easy coping tools, allowing the addict to hide himself from the underlying issues causing them to abuse their chosen substances. Once an addict acknowledges the problem though, treatment can lead them to a clean and sober lifestyle.

Treatment consists of a period of detoxification followed by counseling that’s intended to provide the addict with coping skills to replace the harmful coping mechanism of intoxication. Both stages usually take place on an inpatient basis within a residential treatment facility. After time spent in residence, the addict can then use those newfound coping skills to live his life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Locating a gender-specific treatment facility can take time that the addict doesn’t have available. Once the choice is made to get treatment, its best to begin that treatment immediately. With that in mind, getting a little help in the location of a facility in your area can save time and frustration. By calling 1-800-660-0986, you can get confidential assistance from a knowledgeable source, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With help, a treatment facility can be found in your area or out of state if you have a desire to try treatment elsewhere. No matter where in the United States you are, there are treatment facilities available offering men-only treatment programs that will help with your alcohol or drug abuse problem.