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The Business of Big Pharma

“I want to sell drugs to everyone. I want to sell drugs to healthy people. I want drugs to sell like chewing gum.”

With that statement, former Merck CEO Henry Gadsden established the driving force of the pharmaceutical industry more than 30 years ago. With those words, the Big Pharma machine was born – a machine that feeds on public tax dollars and has bankrupted some state Medicare programs and caused other states to reduce the number of recipients in order to pay for the cost of drugs. Over a million Americans have died due to prescription drugs in the past decade. The fact is, because of the aim to sell drugs to everyone, and the “bottom line” superseding any other priority, the pharmaceutical industry has systematically devised ways to hook the general public on drugs, regardless of creed, race, even age.

So far, the industrial complex of Big Pharma is winning. It is imperative that every individual become aware of the aim of the pharmaceutical industry and the pervasive control that the machine has to achieve its aim. Until the public becomes aware and alert, we will remain easy prey to the machine.