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New Directions Behavioral Health Coverage for Alcohol & Drug Rehab

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Does New Directions Insurance Cover Alcohol and Drug Treatment?

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 59.3 million (21.4%) Americans aged 12 or older used illegal substances in 2020. Also, 40.3 million (14.5%) Americans in the same age group had a substance use disorder. Since the survey also showed that many of those who need SUD treatment don’t receive it, there is a need for easier access to treatment options.1

If you’re a member of New Directions Behavioral Health Florida, you have many addiction recovery services and rehabilitation centers at your disposal. Having insurance coverage you can rely on to cover at least some extent of the costs may encourage you or a loved one to seek the help you need and start your recovery.2

How to Find New Directions Inpatient Rehab in Florida?

Individuals who have New Directions Florida substance abuse coverage can easily locate centers providing inpatient rehab and other treatment options. You can contact the insurance company by calling their hotline number. This way, you can get information about in-network facilities from their representative. You can also use their Provider Directory to search for suitable rehab centers.3

American Addiction Centers has a network of top-quality rehab facilities across the USA, including Florida’s leading River Oaks Treatment Center and the top-rated Recovery First Treatment Center in Florida. These facilities use a combination of evidence-based behavioral therapies and have luxury amenities to make your stay comfortable. 

You can call their helpline and talk to a knowledgeable admissions navigator to learn more about entering treatment at one of their facilities. Depending on the situation, you may even be able to enter treatment on the same day. The call will be anonymous and confidential, the same way their treatment programs guarantee confidentiality and privacy.

What’s Typically Included in New Directions Behavioral Health Coverage?

New Directions Behavioral Health Florida provides more than 15 million people nationwide with insurance coverage. The company has been helping members access high-quality care for more than 25 years.4 Their plans are available to individuals and families as well as employers and organizations.2 Their member-oriented approach enhances the availability of behavioral health services, provides effortless appointment scheduling, and offers ample provider capacity.5

What Is Covered by New Directions Behavioral Health Plans?

With New Directions of Florida benefits, members can expect coverage for a wide range of behavioral health needs, including drug treatment programs. However, the scope of coverage you’re entitled to depends on your plan. You can check this by dialing their phone number and inquiring about what’s included in your tier of coverage.5

What Types of Addiction Treatment Does New Directions Behavioral Health Cover?

New Directions of Florida provides insurance coverage for different drug treatment programs, such as:6

Does New Directions Behavioral Health Cover Mental Health Treatment?

Some people with substance use disorders may develop the condition because of their mental health struggles. They frequently use drugs as a coping mechanism but their substance use only makes their mental health difficulties worse. Since these conditions have similar origins and triggers, individuals seeking treatment often struggle with both. This is why rehab facilities usually offer tailored treatment for co-occurring disorders.7  

Since all insurance companies have to cover behavioral health treatment, New Directions Florida provides mental health coverage. However, not all addiction recovery services may be covered. It’s best to call your insurer’s helpline and check your coverage directly.5

How Long Does New Directions Behavioral Health Cover Addiction Programs?

While it’s generally accepted that longer stays in rehab provide more effective results, some people will benefit from a 30-day drug treatment program while others need to stay in rehab for several months. Since every patient has unique medical and psychological needs, everyone’s treatment duration is different. It’s determined based on the evaluation that’s carried out when you enter treatment.6

Members of New Directions Florida have therapy coverage for substance abuse, but it may only be partial. To discover whether your plan covers your treatment partially or fully, it’s advisable to contact your insurance company.5

What if My New Directions Behavioral Health Plan Does not Cover Inpatient Rehab?

New Directions is in-network with different substance abuse treatment centers in Florida that provide inpatient alcohol and drug rehab. However, your plan may not fully cover the treatment you require. This doesn’t mean that you need to give up on seeking help. There are free and low-cost rehab centers as well as state-funded treatment programs that you could opt for. In addition, there are multiple ways to pay for rehab, including bank loans, loans from family and friends, and crowdfunding.8

Do I Select an In-Network New Directions Rehab Center or an Out-of-Network Facility?

Choosing one of the drug treatment centers in Florida that are in your carrier’s network means that the cost of treatment will be lower than if you chose an out-of-network provider. A higher percentage of the cost will likely be covered by your plan than if you select a different option. As a member of New Directions of Florida Insurance, you can browse in-network rehab centers using their Provider Directory.3

Frequently Asked Questions

Does New Directions Behavioral Health Cover Addiction Treatment Therapies? 

Since all insurance carriers have to include coverage for mental health treatment, New Directions will cover the cost of your drug rehabilitation at least to an extent. This may include different behavioral therapies, like cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, The Matrix Model, and 12-step programs.9 

If you’re considering entering a treatment program or wish to help a loved one by having an intervention staged by an expert, contact your insurance provider to check what types of addiction therapies your policy may cover. While this varies according to your tier of coverage, you may be able to access men-only alcohol or drug treatment, choose an addiction treatment setting exclusively for women, enter rehab with a partner who shares the same problem, or find specialized programs for veterans with SUDs.

Does New Directions Behavioral Health Cover Partial Hospitalization Programs? 

Depending on your plan, your New Directions insurance coverage may help you cover the costs of your partial hospitalization program for substance abuse. PHP is a type of high-intensity treatment where the patient doesn’t stay at the rehab facility during the night but spends most of the day there attending therapy.6

To determine whether or not your plan would cover this kind of rehab program, call your carrier’s phone number and talk to their helpline representative.5

Does New Directions Behavioral Health Cover Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Alcohol dependence is typically treated with a combination of behavioral therapies and approved medication. Treatment-seekers in need of alcohol rehab at specialized treatment centers in Florida can rely on their New Directions insurance to cover for it at least to some extent. For example, your plan may cover a healing stay at a sober living community or a spirituality-based alcohol rehab program as long as treatment is evidence-based. Reach out to your insurer if you aren’t sure about the details of your plan and whether it would cover your alcohol recovery.10

Does New Directions Behavioral Health Cover MAT (Methadone Assisted Treatment)? 

Addiction to opioids, like heroin, oxycodone, and hydrocodone, causes strong cravings and intense withdrawal. To reduce the severity of these symptoms, treatment professionals administer methadone-assisted treatment, which combines behavioral therapy and the use of methadone. Whether MAT will be completely or partially covered by your New Directions insurance depends on the extent of your substance abuse coverage. You can check it by calling their hotline.11 

Our New Directions In-Network Rehab Facility

Learn more about our New Directions in-network rehab facility below.

River Oaks Treatment Center Near Tampa, Florida

River Oaks sits on a 26-acre plot of secluded land in Tampa, Florida. River Oaks offers drug and addiction treatment services including detox, long term rehab or residential treatment, partial hospitalization program, and other outpatient programs to those suffering from addiction and other co-occurring disorders. Just a 24 minute drive from downtown Tampa, River Oaks is an ideal place to recover and connect with sober peers, and patients can choose from various evidence-based addiction therapies to suit their personalized needs and goals.