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Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Various insurance options are available that make it easier for patients to afford effective drug, alcohol, and behavioral addiction treatment programs. Private and public health insurance often covers at least a part of the costs of residential and outpatient treatment for all types of addiction.

Insurance-Claim-Form-For-Drug-RehabToday, insurance companies recognize addiction for what it is-a disease that can and should be treated. It is in the best interest of insurers to pay for proper addiction treatment, as the side effects of drugs or the aftermath of certain addictive behaviors can lead to physical or psychiatric issues that can last a lifetime. Therefore, health insurers often view substance or behavioral rehabilitation as preventative medical care. They offer insurance options that cover addiction treatment, as it is more economical and beneficial to prevent the effects of long-term addiction than to have to pay for treatment of these problems later on.

In addition, despite the negative view some patients have of health insurance companies, it must be recognized that their profits come only if they act in a way that benefits their end consumer-the patient. Health insurance companies do not profit if their end customers lead the unproductive and unpleasant lives of hardcore addicts. Therefore, they often include provisions for complete or partial coverage of addiction treatment in the policies they offer through employers or directly to patients.

If you need assistance in understanding how your insurance policy covers addiction treatment or need to find a treatment program that is partially or wholly covered by your insurance, please call our confidential helpline at 1-888-439-3435 Who Answers? or fill out our contact form so that we can help you understand insurance options that cover your treatment program.

For those whose insurance coverage does not include substance or behavioral addiction treatment programs, there are public insurance options available to help make even residential treatment far more affordable than it is without insurance. Some rehabilitation centers are entirely or partially supported by public funds, and these centers will accept Federal or State medical insurance programs for partial or full payment of services. There are income guidelines in effect for these programs, and patients are advised to contact the rehabilitation center they are considering or the appropriate government insurance office to find out if they are indeed eligible for public insurance options that cover addiction treatment.

If insurance options are not available or not practical, nonprofit rehabilitation service providers can often propose a plan that provides affordable monthly payments that may continue even after the acute phase of treatment has been completed so that the payments remain as low as possible.

treatmentWhenever you need to consider addiction treatment programs or services, review your insurance options with your insurance carrier, your insurance broker, or your employer’s benefit department as part of the process of choosing a program that is affordable for you or your loved one. If you need assistance in finding an addiction treatment program that is covered by your insurance or that you can otherwise afford, we have experts available to discuss your insurance options.