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Important Information about Executive Addiction Treatment

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Executive addiction treatment is different than normal treatment plans because it helps those in business to maintain their businesses while they overcome addiction issues. People who might benefit from executive addiction treatment would be CEOs, business presidents, and others who maintain a strong business presence in day-to-day life. These individuals may still be working positively, without signs of addiction.

What Executive Drug Rehabilitation Programs Are About

Programs focused on executive addiction treatment offer support, treatment, and recovery for corporate executives. These treatment centers were created so that the needs of the client could be incorporated. In this case, the patient may still need to run his or her business by having meetings, traveling, and doing other business-related work. If the center is a live-in treatment provider, the client is often provided with office-related amenities and equipment so that he or she can continue working on daily business activities.

These programs are designed to allow the client to maintain his or her presence in his or her business. The environment the client is placed in is made as similar to a home or office environment as possible. Some things the client may be provided include fax machines, telephones, Internet connections, and desks and office chairs.

Why Executive Drug Rehab Is Different

Love and Relationship Addiction Treatment Programs

Side Note Picture While people often think of addiction as an abuse of substances, it can be an unhealthy physical or psychological dependence on anything, including love. Addictions to love, relationships, or sex are also quite similar to drug addictions, and love addiction treatment shares some similarities with drug rehab.

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The main difference between executive addiction treatment centers and normal treatment centers is the ability of a well-trained staff to allow the continuation of a business relationship within a treatment process. The staff is often trained to know what the business executive will need for work, at the same time as being knowledgeable about drug and alcohol rehabilitation. These facilities may cater to celebrities as well as business executives, and are typically located in beautiful and serene surroundings. The center caters to those who continue to be successful in their lives or careers, despite being dependent on drugs or alcohol.

Because a corporate executive has needs that a regular individual does not, these locations aim to help those in business environments focus on work and home without completely removing them from the situations. If you or someone you know is suffering from substance dependency and also works in a corporate position, contact 800-660-0986 so that you can get the information you need to complete the healing process.

Some programs available offer different styles of therapy and treatment. For instance, Valiant Recovery offers executive treatment in a large home and offers 16 private counseling sessions per month to clients. This center doesn’t follow a disease model, so it focuses on the reason behind the addiction instead of on the addiction itself.

Hawaii Island Recovery offers luxury rehab on the Hawaiian Islands. Each client’s plan for recovery is custom-built. Things such as Dolphin Assisted Psychotherapy (DAP) and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) are used in this recovery program. This unique program offers specialized techniques that cater to an individual’s interests.